Play the ultimate battle of boards against friends or fiends from all around the world!

Set in a modern and vibrant graveyard nearby, the monsters are waiting for you to join their thrilling parties.

After Zalo has taught you the easy rules and kickstarted your experience, you are ready to grapple with your best fiends and opponents from all over the world. Or you can seek to defeat Zalo himself, but that’s not going to be an easy battle, mind you.

Join the weekly tournaments and events, or fight for a place in the Top Monsters leaderboard.

If you enjoy playing board games, Words with Friends, online multiplayer games or the good ol’ Scrabble, watch out for the upcoming release of Monsterminds!


• The well known board game tactics from Scrabble, updated with colorful monsters. No need to be a word geek, this game is for everyone to enjoy!
• Instant fun!
• Unlock new boards and game modes that offer inventive ways to play.
• Boost your scores by aiming for multipliers and other goodie drops.
• Intuitive and super polished - the best looking mobile board game by far!
• Let the opponent know how you feel - send emotes with your moves.
• Play on all your devices, be it iOS, Android or a desktop browser near you!
• Amazing audio experience.
• Unlock and collect avatar frames to customize the way you are presented in-game.